To help the rapid Enhanced Media Library development please don’t hesitate to report bugs or issues you encounter testing or using its Beta.

Here are some things I’m especially interested in your feedback on:

Is the Admin Clear to you?

Were you able find the settings? Were the admin pages clear enough? Are the setting names well worded? Can you easily understand what the purpose of a setting is?

Does the Admin work properly?

Has something been broken in the WP admin because of EML? How do scrolling, saving options, switching tabs, the sidebar menu work for you? Is there something visually broken?


Have you noticed any imcompatibility with a third-party plugin or theme? Report it early, this can help turn development in the right direction.

Bad English

Since I am not a native speaker, except for mistakes, my wording may be imperfect. So please suggest a better one.

Use cases

I’m interested to know how exactly you use Enhanced Media Library. What are the usage scenarios? What details are important to you? What tasks should be solved with EML? What tools are you still missing?

New File Types module

Does it do its job for you? Would you be able to get how to use it without any tutorial at all? Or is it confusing? What built-in file types (extensions) do you miss? What is unclear about its purpose or features? Does it break any core functionality?

Any communication about your experience and expectations helps develop the plugin! Thank you!

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