In Enhanced Media Library 3.0, the old MIME types settings page has been transformed to a new File Types module.

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Ready-to-use Extensions & Filters

Most popular extensions are on the list by default grouped by types for filtering in the media library.

  • Allow / disallow upload for a file type or a group with a single click
  • Re-order & rename filters easily
  • Enable / disable filters for WP media library

Custom Filters

(Re)group file types in a preferable way with custom filters.

  • Create custom filters and manage them in the same way as built-ins
  • Flexibly configure file type grouping

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Extra File Types

Add and group file types (MIME types) easily.

  • Create custom file types and group them with the filters
  • Custom file types pass a minimum check for matching type on upload, as well as built-in ones