Meet Enhanced Media Library 3.0 new admin: powerful, modular, consistent, non-confusing, user-friendly, easy-to-use.

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Obvious & Consistent Menu

No more confusing menu items scattered all over the WordPress admin.

  • All menu items are now under SettingsMedia
  • The EML settings pages are clearly marked as such
  • Core Media Settings page isn’t modifies by EML anymore to avoid various incompatibilities

Everything within Reach

No more wasting time scrolling and guessing where settings are hidden in the admin.

  • Sticky tabs and right sidebar with settings sections
  • Sticky save button always withing reach
  • Sticky buttons for module’s most frequently used actions

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Powerful, Flexible & Performant

Technically a single settings page, fewer database queries.

  • Performant: one settings page & one database record instead of many
  • Every module is switchable: inactive modules have no effect on core functionality.
  • Network Shared Options for WordPress multisite: saved once applies to all network websites