1. Choose Settings > Media Library in the left-side admin menu

Settings > Media Library > Filters

Settings :: Media LIbrary

  1. Force filters

    Force media filters to be shown in ANY media popup. The option helps to show filters in the media popups initiated by other plugins. You may want to disable the option in case it breaks 3-rd party fuctionality.

This is what a media popup with filters look like:

Settings :: Media LIbrary

  1. Filters to show

    General settings for the media library Grid and List modes, as well as for media popups. Filter options per taxonomy are available in the Settings > Media Taxonomies tab.

Option By Default Description
Types Show / hide All media filter (WordPress default)
Dates Show / hide date filter (WordPress default)
Authors Show / hide media authors filter. Authors are the users who upload media items to the media library.
Media Taxonomies Show / hide filters by media taxonomies (categories, tags).
  1. Show Count

    Show the number of media items in media category (taxonomy).

Settings :: Media LIbrary

  1. Include children

    When the option is enabled, media items of child media categories are shown as an outcome of filtering. If you disable the option, the outcome will be from the selected category only, without its sub-categories.

Settings > Media Library > Search

Settings :: Media LIbrary

  1. PRO:Enable search in

    Makes the media library search more flexible. By default, when you type something into the search field WordPress looks into filenames, titles, captions, and descriptions. With the option, you can enable/disable what to include in the search result.

Option By Default Description
Titles Search in media item titles.
Captions Search in media item captions.
Descriptions Search in media item descriptions.
Authors Search in media item author names. Authors are the users who upload media items to the media library.
Media Taxonomies Search in media taxonomies. When enabled, allows to filter media items by a category (tag) by just typing the first letters of its name in the search field.

Settings > Media Library > Order

Settings :: Media LIbrary

  1. Order media items by
Option By Default Description
Date Show media items ordered by date.
Title Show media items ordered by title.
Custom Order Show media items in the order set by drag and drop.
  1. Sort order

    Set order to Ascending or Descending.

  2. Natural sort order

    Available when Title is set for Order media items by.

Settings > Media Library > Grid Mode

Settings :: Media LIbrary

  1. Show caption

    Sometimes, it’s maybe convenient to see titles, filenames, or captions of all media items in the media library. Enable the option and choose what to show.

  2. Caption type
Option Description
Title Show media item title in the media library.
Filename Show media item filename in the media library.
Caption Show media item caption in the media library.

This is what the media library with filenames as captions look like:

Settings :: Media LIbrary

Settings > Media Library > Media Shortcodes

Settings :: Media LIbrary

  1. Enhanced media shortcodes

    Enable dynamic galleries and playlist. No need to update your gallery /playlist every time you added or removed media items to a category. Set filters for a gallery / playlist when creating it and never come back to edit.

Additional parameters for the [gallery] and [playlist] shortcodes:

  • media_category or any other taxonomy
  • monthnum
  • year
  • limit of media items to show

How to create a dynamic gallery