What is Enhanced Media Shortcode

Enhanced Media Library allows to enhance WordPress native media shortcodes gallery and  playlist to make them understand media taxonomies, upload date, and media items number limit. Such taxonomy-based shortcode will always display media items that belong to a particular category in real time.

Enhanced Gallery

To insert media galleries based on a media category you have to use the familiar format like:

gallery media_category="5" category="2" limit="10" monthnum="8" year="2016" orderby="title" order="DESC"

Native WordPress gallery shortcode attributes: orderby, ordercolumns, id, ids, size, itemtag, icontag, captiontag, linkincludeexclude. Learn more ».

Additional gallery shortcode attributes: %taxonomy_name%, limit, monthnum, year.

Enhanced Playlist

For audio / video playlist use:

playlist media_category="5" category="2" type="video" limit="10" monthnum="8" year="2016" orderby="title" order="DESC"

Native WordPress playlist shortcode attributes: orderby, ordercolumns, id, ids, exclude, style, tracklist, tracknumbers, images, artists. Learn more ».

Additional playlist shortcode attributes same as for gallery: %taxonomy_name%, limit, monthnum, year.

Feature Activation

The PRO version of the plugin will create media shortcodes automatically out of the settings you’ve set in a media popup.

The feature is inactive by default and should be activated on Settings > Media > Media Library (tab) > Media Shortcodes (section).

Possible Conflicts

Developing the feature we were keeping in mind to enhance WordPress native shortcodes making them understand more options.

The plugin enhances WordPress shortcodes in most gentle manner possible. Since v2.1.5 the mechanism of the enhancement is dramatically improved to avoid possible conflicts. In most cases Enhanced Media Library is compatible with any plugin that changes native WP gallery or playlist template in order to provide lightbox, carousel, slideshow, grid/mosaic and other functionality.

That said, other plugins might override WP gallery or playlist attributes or database query for media items in a way that would prevent Enhanced Media Library from displaying correct set of media items for gallery or playlist.

If you find a possible conflict and prefer third-party features to taxonomy-based shortcodes of the plugin please deactivate the feature (unset Enhanced media shortcodes option on Settings > Media > Media Library (tab) > Media Shortcodes (section)) and let us know about the issue. We would like to find a solution!

For plugin/theme developers

To be compatible with Enhanced Media Library a plugin has to be the one that

  1. enhances WP native gallery or playlist
  2. has third parameter 'gallery' for  shortcode_atts in its post_gallery callback or custom override for  gallery_shortcode like WP does:


  1. has third parameter 'playlist' for  shortcode_atts in its post_playlist callback or custom override for  wp_playlist_shortcode like WP does:

Any $defaults required for the correct work of your plugin are allowed.