Possible Conflicts

Enhanced Media Library is designed to enhance WordPress native galleries/playlists making their shortcodes “understand” supplementary attributes.

The plugin enhances shortcodes in most gentle manner possible. In most cases Enhanced Media Library is compatible with any plugin/theme that changes native WP gallery/playlist template in order to provide lightbox, carousel, slideshow, grid/mosaic and other functionality.

That said, other plugins/themes might override WP gallery/playlist attributes or queries in a way that would prevent Enhanced Media Library from displaying correct set of media items for a gallery/playlist.

If you find a possible conflict and prefer other plugin/theme functionality, please deactivate the feature (disable Enhanced media shortcodes option on Settings > Media Library (tab) > Media Shortcodes (section)) and let us know about the issue. We would like to find a solution!

For plugin/theme developers

If your theme or plugin changes the look (HTML) of the WordPress gallery or playlist using the post_gallery filter, then please make sure to add the following code at the beginning of the function prior to processing the gallery/playlist attributes:

  • For gallery

  • For playlist

Code Example


Enhanced Media Library hooks into shortcode_atts_{$shortcode} filter, which is called in the shortcode_atts function (see https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/shortcode_atts/) to change the ids parameter of gallery attributes.

This way the content of the gallery/playlist can be changed for future displaying within your theme or plugin.