Taxonomy is a way to classify or categorize things.
Media taxonomies can be thought of as virtual folders for media files.

Why taxonomies, not folders?

  1. Taxonomies are native to WordPress. In the core, there are plenty of functions and database queries to manipulate them in a fast and safe way.
  2. Taxonomies are widely used by various plugins and themes for all kinds of entities in WordPress. Any taxonomy you already have with the core or a 3rd-party plugin or theme like post Categories and Tags, Woocommerce taxonomies like Product Categories can be assigned to the media library with EML.
  3. Vice versa, Media taxonomies created by EML can be used by 3rd-party plugins and themes to categorize anything else.
  4. There are no database tables non-native to WordPress, no need for a special API.
  5. When you migrate your website all the terms of your taxonomies are being moved as they are native to WordPress and are stored in the same database tables as any other WordPress taxonomy.

How to create a taxonomy?

Go to SettingsMedia Taxonomies and follow the simple steps from the video.

Know more about options

How to Create a Taxonomy Watch animated GIF

How to use a taxonomy?

Assuming that you just added a taxonomy called Countries, create countries under MediaCountries in the admin menu, then under MediaLibrary assign media files to these countries.

Note: At the moment bulk edit is a premium feature.