Plugin utilities will be useful in case you need to move or make a copy of your website, or to backup all settings prior to some experimental changes. As a developer, you also may need to clean up all traces of the plugin from the database.

  1. To access plugin utilities visit Settings > EML Utilities (Settings > Enhanced Media Library until v2.8.1).
  2. Export is pretty simple. Just click a button and download a file. Please be advised that ONLY plugin configuration from Settings > Media tabs — Media Library, Media Taxonomies, and MIME Types — will be saved to a backup. NONE of your taxonomies, categories, tags, MIME types, or imagemeta data will be included. 
  3. The moment when you click Import Plugin Settings, the plugin automatically creates a backup of its current condition prior to import operation so that you do NOT override your current settings by accident.  
  4. So, you will be able to restore your previous data after this operation.

Utility :: Import :: Export

  1. In case you need to clean all plugin traces out of your database use Complete Cleanup. The plugin will inform you of what data will be deleted and what will remain. Please make sure to create a backup of your entire database prior to this operation especially in case you feel unsure about how things work.
  2. You will need to activate your license key in case you are a premium user to unlock automatic updates for the plugin. See Installing PRO and Activating Your License.

Utility :: Cleanup :: License Key