Enhanced Media Library :: EML Filtering OptionsEML Filtering Options

Version 2.9

Release Date – May 16, 2024

Security issue related to MIME types upload has been fixed since v2.8.10. Please update to the latest version on all your websites.


  • Uploaded to this post by default option added to the Media > Media Library > Filters section
    Enable the option to get media files initially filtered by “Uploaded to this post” in a Media Popup while adding or editing them for a post, page, or custom post type.
  • Some changes made to the plugin’s code and the PRO version updating mechanism in preparation for an upcoming major update EML v3.0


  • Tiny bugs fixed

Enhanced Media Library :: Edit Gallery PopupEdit Gallery Popup

Version 2.8.15

Release Date – May 10, 2024


  • Gallery / playlist shortcodes improved for better compatibility with other plugins

  • ANDlogic withing a single taxonomy implemented for gallery and playlist shortcodes


    gallery media_category="california+flowers" genre="landscape"
    — Displays images having both categories “california” AND “flowers” AND also from the genre “landscape”

    gallery media_category="flowers,mosses" genre="garden"
    — Displays imager either from “flowers” OR “mosses” category AND also from the genre “garden”

    Note: For performance it’s better to use IDs instead of slugs in the gallery shortcodes.


  • Layout issues fixed for the media popup with the Infinite scrolling option enabled
  • Fatal Error – Too Few Arguments to function fixed for two plugins: “cred-frontend-editor” and AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild
  • Minor CSS fixes

Enhanced Media Library :: Divi font upload compatibility fixDivi font upload compatibility fix

Version 2.8.14

Release Date – April 30, 2024


  • Divi Builder compatibility ensured on uploading font files
    Note: Font files are allowed for upload with Divi Builder even if you haven’t added them with the EML settings because Divi adds its own allowed file types.

Enhanced Media Library :: Scrolling OptionsEML Scrolling Options

Version 2.8.13

Release Date – April 26, 2024


  • A bug since v2.8.10 with the right sidebar covering media library files when Infinite scrolling option is enabled fixed.

Version 2.8.12

Release Date – April 23, 2024


  • A critical error bug of v2.8.11 with filtering by media taxonomies in the media library List View fixed.

Enhanced Media Library PRO :: Search OptionsEML PRO Search Options

Version 2.8.11

Release Date – April 19, 2024


  • Database queries for taxonomies improved
  • A mechanism for vetting allowed mime types added


  • Deprecated notices for author filter fixed
  • An issue with uploading font mime types fixed
    (Report other mime types you experience issues uploading, please)
  • PRO only: Search issue fixed and the mechanism improved to ensure compatibility with other plugins

Enhanced Media Library PRO :: Search OptionsEML Media Library Right Sidebar and Ideal Column Width Options

Version 2.8.10

Release Date – April 11, 2024


  • Plugin admin menu items order and compatibility improved
  • Right sidebar width and Ideal column width options added
  • Caption (grid mode) is no longer cropped when it is a filename
  • Caption lenght before crop depends on the thumbnail side – added
  • PRO only: Enhanced search mechanism in media library improved + filenames option added
  • Minor improvements to desltop/mobile layout made
  • PHP 8 compatibility ensured (no deprecated notices anymore)
  • Latest jQuery standards compatibility ensured (no deprecated notices anymore)


  • Duplicate listings when editing a single image edit in the list mode fixed
  • WP excess utility taxonomies hidden in the settings

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