Get Organized in a Few Clicks

Stuck with¬†WordPress media library unstructured mess? Have no idea how to find images and documents? Need to upload disallowed file types? Get tired of updating galleries manually each time a new image’s uploaded?

Install Enhanced Media Library and you experience will change forever. You’ll get a simple and intuitive solution, designed with the respect to WordPress media workflow. Let’s see what it offers!

Enhanced Media Library :: Categorize by Anything!

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Categorize by Anything!

Create your own taxonomies in just a few clicks.
Categorize by Folders, Projects, Topics, Businesses, Countries, Authors, Car Models, TV channels... and literally anything you wish.

Organize your Media Library with built-in and third-party taxonomies.

  • Unlimited categories & tags for media items
  • Unlimited custom taxonomies: create in a few clicks
  • Unlimited third-party taxonomies: assign to the media library

Configurable Filters

Manage filters flexibly and easily with plugin options.

Enable and configure filters in the media library and media popups:
Add Image, Edit Gallery, etc.

  • Show / hide data, author, taxonomy filters
  • Per taxonomy filters
  • Configurable outcome of the filtering: include / exclude child categories
Enhanced Media Library :: Flexible Filters

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Enhanced Media Library

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Enhanced Media Library

Familiar WordPress media library becomes more convenient and friendly with the enhancements.

No need in Bulk Select button anymore ─ click on media items with SHIFT or CTRL / CMD keys to select and edit. Enable captions to make media items more recognizable in the media library. Change the order options to reorder media items manually.

  • Show captions: title, filename, or caption field for each media item
  • Bulk selection: no special mode anymore, faster editing
  • Drag'n'Drop re-order right in the media library

Dynamic Galleries / Playlists

The gallery / playlist based on a category, a tag, or a date does not need any update after a one-time creation. Once media items were added or removed from the group, the gallery dynamically changes.

Additional parameters for the [gallery] and [playlist] shortcodes:

  • media_category or any other taxonomy
  • monthnum
  • year
  • limit of media items to show
Enhanced Media Library :: Dynamic Gallery

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Enhanced Media Library :: MIME Types Management

MIME Types Management

Add or remove file types, allow or disallow uploading.
The plugin incorporates a file type into media filters if you wish.

The feature provides pretty basic functionality at the moment, is under active development, and will be improved a lot in future releases.

Feels Native to WordPress

We spent hours and paid a lot of attention to make Enhanced Media Library operates as though it were native WordPress functionality. All plugin features are incorporated into WordPress UI seamlessly.

It would work equally well for developers and non-geeky users. Plugin settings are designed in a way that does not require you to be a WordPress expert.

Enhanced Media Library :: Feels Native to WordPress

Enhanced Media Library :: Developer-friendly


The plugin operates with WordPress native code elements enhancing them.

So, WordPress developers can use all core functions and hooks related to taxonomies, media items, and galleries with no sweat.

  • Core hooks just work for media taxonomies and media items
  • All taxonomies supported: custom and code-registered
  • REST API supported out of the box
  • No custom tables in the database
  • Deactivation makes no harm to data: all media items and taxonomies remain after deactivation

PRO Features

Even more convenient way to organize WordPress media library with the premium features.

The features and benefits of the premium version:

  • Unlimited & Super-Fast Bulk Edit
  • User-Friendly UI for Dynamic Galleries / Playlists
  • Advanced Search and filtering options
  • Auto-Categorize for post media items
  • One-time Purchase Unlimited License

More Details Pricing

Enhanced Media Library :: PRO Features