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Stuck with WordPress media library unstructured mess? Have no idea how to find images and documents? Need to upload disallowed file types? Get tired of updating galleries manually each time a new image’s uploaded?

Install Enhanced Media Library and you experience will change forever. You’ll get a simple and intuitive solution, designed with the respect to WordPress media workflow. Let’s see what it offers!

Enhanced Media Library :: Media Taxonomies

Flexible Media Taxonomies

With the plugin installed you immediately obtain Media Categories for categorizing and filtering media items in WordPress admin area. This feature alone will save you hours of searching through a media library with even as few as 100 images.

You are not in any way limited in creating your own media taxonomies. Whether you really need a complex multilavel structure for your media library or simply dislike the name of the default taxonomy – Media Categories – you can create and assign to the media library as many taxonomies as you wish without writing a single line of code.

You can also assign to the media library built-in post taxonomies – Categories and Tags – as well as any other taxonomy created by a third-party plugin, theme, or hand-coded – with plugin's UI only.

Easy Re-Order for Media Items

By default WordPress provides no order options. Media items are ordered by their upload date. The plugin changes this with just two simple options which allow to choose ascending or descending order by date, title, or custom order to re-order media items by drag and drop.

Order settings work for all media screens in WordPress admin area. Custom order is also used for enhanced media shortcodes: [gallery] and [playlist] based on a particular category or tag.

Enhanced Media Library :: Re-ordering Media Items

Enhanced Media Library :: Enhanced Media Shortcodes

Enhanced Media Shortcodes

The main advantage of the enhancement is WordPress galleries based on a category or a tag. To update that kind of a gallery you do not need to edit it manually anymore. Once an image assigned to a category on upload, the gallery is updated automatically.

The same applies to WordPress playlists representing audio and video files. The feature is fully compatible with WordPress native shortcodes. PRO version allows to manage [gallery] or [playlist] shortcodes without "coding" at all. All settings are available with just WordPress UI.

MIME Types Management

Whether you need another file type to be allowed for upload or miss a file type filter on media screens, the feature does the job for you. It adds and removes file types, enables or disables upload, and incorporates file type into media filters.

The plugin takes care about making backups for WordPress default MIME Type settings as well as you can backup all its own settings including MIME Types, so no sensible data will be lost.

Enhanced Media Library :: MIME Type Management

Enhanced Media Library :: Feels Native to WordPress

Feels Native to WordPress

We spent hours and paid a lot of attention to make Enhanced Media Library operates as though it were native WordPress functionality. All plugin features are incorporated to WordPress UI seamlessly.

It would work equally well for developers and non-geeky users. Plugin settings are designed in a way that does not require you to be a WordPress expert. At the same time, WordPress developers can use all core functions and hooks related to taxonomies with no sweat.

PRO Features

Additional comfort and even more convenient way to organize WordPress media library with multisite unlimited one-time purchase license:

  • Categorize media items in bulk
  • Synchronize media items with parent post categories automatically
  • Enhance gallery and playlist shortcodes with just WordPress UI, no “coding”
  • Customize default search according to your needs: include or exclude Titles, Captions, Descriptions, Authors, Media Taxonomies


Categorizing in Bulk

Enhanced Media Library :: PRO Features